Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27th, 2011

© 2011 Brian Abud
So I know this photo is from the beginning of the summer, but I really like it. 
It represents the lifestyle of summer: fun and laid back. It's of one of my cousins, Cecelia. I know the outfit is simple: lax penny, white shorts and a bikini top. But it's the perfect thing to wear on a relaxing day with your friends. 
I really don't want summer to end, but it must. I'm not going to be used to being on a schedule and not having the day to do what I please. 
At least I have winter clothes to look forward to. 

On the note of winter clothes, I got some new things in the mail yesterday, and a few more are coming Monday! I ordered 4 sweaters, a jacket, a shirt and a scarf.
They'll make an appearance here soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

All was well.

Today I finished my Harry Potter series re-read.
This was the first time I had ever read them back to back & in order.
Shocking considering I've been a fan for so long.
But I feel accomplished and also quite sad.

“My personal style? Um, quite clean, different things appeal to me, but I guess kind of classic with a modern twist. I get very inspired by movies. You would probably see me in three-quarter-length skinny jeans and a pair of ballet pumps and a big cozy jumper.” 
-Emma Watson

August 26th, 2011.

Sweater: My mums, Shirt: AE, Pants: AE, Shoes: r2, Belt: Gap

Taking pictures of your own outfit is quite a challenge. 
And the results are shitty, but I don't care.
I spy my tattoo.. Thought I'd finally have it make an appearance on this blog.
My parents are going up north for a week tomorrow and leaving my brother and I home.
I told my mum that there will be a murder at Hogwarts. (AKA my house)
Oh --  I also got a trim today, although it wasn't completely necessary.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25th, 2011 (Post 2).

Shirt: H&M, Belt: Dockers, Pants: AE

This is one of my new favorite shirts. I bought it last week when I went shopping. 
I know the outfit is simple, but chose to wear it today because I finally got my Pottermore email this morning! 
And of course, I love Britain. I mean, who doesn't?


"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."
Ravenclaw was the house I've always known I'm in so it was great to have it confirmed.
Pottermore is awesome, if you like Harry Potter at all you are going to love it!
I got through the first book on the site today and figured out I'm abysmal at Potions. 
Oh well, at least Ravenclaw is in the lead for the House Cup.

Goodnight guys!

August 25th, 2011.

Top right: Gary & Ruthy -- Top left: Poppy and I
Bottom left: Quote by Steve Jobs -- Bottom right: Pt of Deathly Hallows book


Today I never changed out of my pajamas.
I sat around on the computer and watched What A Girl Wants two times.
I love that movie... It was my favorite when I was little.
I also have been reading a bit and I think I'm going to do a Dumbledore/Harry appreciation post.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th, 2011.

Shirt: AE, Belt: Macy's, Shorts: AE, Shoes: Converse
I like this outfit because it's really simple-just shorts and a shirt, but it still looks good. I love white shorts and that button down, because I'm a big fan of that style. One can never go wrong with flat-front shorts and a nice button down. 

Earrings: F21, Shirt: Target, Belt: AE, Jeans: AE, Shoes: Steve Madden, Nail Polish: Siberian Nights (OPI)


Today my mom took me to buy some new shoes at DSW. I picked out the shoes above and a pair of nude flats. My mom wasn't a big fan of them but I love them.
The rest of the day I've just been hanging out with Brian. 
Oh, and my brother got sorted by Pottermore today -- he's a Ravenclaw!
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23rd, 2011 (Post 2)

Here's some instagram pictures and Brian and I's school I.Ds.
They're such bad quality that is looks like they're blurry!
Oh well.

Back to fashion for a second..
I'm hoping to go to DSW tomorrow to get some new fall boots!

August 23rd, 2011.

Button up: Forever 21, Tank top: Forever 21, Belt: AE, Jeans: AE, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Ring: JC Penny

Today was school registration and we had to get our school pictures done too.
I'll post pictures of them later.
This is probably one of the few times you'll see my hair straightened because I hate the way it feels when it's straightened and it completely ruins my hair when I do.
I don't have much to say right now because nothing has really happened today!
Catch ya later! x

{outtakes & bloopers}

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd, 2011.

Hi! It's Kylie.
Today I went to the grocery store where I bought a bunch of ingredients to make things from the Harry Potter cook book.
The top picture is blueberry muffins Harry eats in Order of the Phoenix
& the bottom picture is Krechers French onion soup!
They both tasted amazing. 
My mom is like Mrs. Weasley - She's an amazing cook!


 Later Brian came over and we just sat around with Sophia and talked.
{Poppy is the puppy in the purple, Ruthy is the puppy in pink.}
Tomorrow is school registration and we're dreading it.
{We're going into junior year}

Comfortably Casual

This polyvore is just one example of a casual outfit for school or grabbing coffee with friends. It's really quite simple, with a bit of a rough feel because of the brown colors. 
One can never go wrong with a nice sweater. It always makes you look presentable and nice, while not being overly fancy for most occasions. Most sweaters need a plain crew or vneck shirt beneath them. I prefer AE because they are excellent quality and really comfortable. A leather belt is a must for anyone to have. It works with most pants, especially jeans, and adds a  finishing touch to an outfit. The shoes are classic and can be worn with almost any pair of jeans or dress pants. The messenger bag is an addition for people who carry a lot of things around with them. It's stylish and makes organizing papers and electronics really easy.

This is just one outfit created for a casual encounter; these ideas can be taken and applied with many types of tops and bottoms in order to create a perfect outfit.

Emma Watson Inspired

Emma Watson Inspired

Sweatshirt hoody (birdnest), Cable Knit Cardigan (dorothyperkins), Floral Shirt (fatface), Silk Shirt (25park), Lace Crop top (dressrail), Jeans (AE.), Boots (forever21), Flats (Michael Kors)  Clutch (H&M), Bracelet (asos)
This is the first polyvore I've ever made. It's Emma Watson inspired because she is my number 1 inspiration. 
She is my role model, my hero. 
I love everything she stands for and everything she does. 
Her sense of fashion is perfect along with everything else about her. 
Alright. I'm done drooling over her now.
I don't own any of these items but I love the look of them. Elegant, light clothing is my favorite.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21st, 2011. (Post 3)

This is my room! I know, it's pretty plain. Over the summer, I was under the impression I would be moving pretty soon, so I've been going through every single thing in my room and organizing it, pitching a lot of pointless things in the process. But now, I'm not moving. Which I am really excited about, because I like my house and Kylie lives a block away from me.
Anyway, my mom told me that I could redo my room a bit. I love designing rooms and picking out new furniture and accents. I want my room to represent me, and the creativity I have. I don't like it this plain. I'll probably get it all from IKEA, because I love their modern and clean style.
I was thinking a new bed, something pretty with a headboard or a plain, wooden frame. I would love curtains; I hate blinds and always have. I love my bookcase, but it is getting really full. I'm going to add a shelf to one of my walls, haven't decided which yet, that will hold extra books and items I like people to see. I was also going to scout for a rug.
I don't know if it'll end up happening, but I hope it does!

Goodnight, everyone. 

August 21st, 2011. (Post 2)

 I like the idea of doing an Instagram series everyday along with taking pictures with my DSLR.
Top left: Beginning of day when I first got dressed.
Top right: One of my dogs Scout <3
Bottom left: I spent some of the night reading (now I'm craving a hot drink in a mug)
 Bottom right: My pajamas for the night. Like my Magic is Might shirt?!

Have a good night guys!

August 21st, 2011.

Shirts: AE & Macys, Pants: H&M, Belt: Macys, Shoes: Cole Hanson

I like this outfit because of its simplicity, but semi-formal style. I want to start dressing like this more often because I like when I look kind of nice, not just jeans a t-shirt every day. I'm excited to start this blog because it gives me the chance to "dress up" more often.


Sweater: AE, Jeans: AE, Shoes: Converse, Rings: Kohls, Lipstick: Flame (Covergirl), Nail Polish: Vodka & Caviar (OPI)

Hi hi hi! I'm so excited to start sharing outfits with whoever reads this! I just bought this top and bottom yesterday along with a few other items. Jeans and a sweater, in my opinion are the best outfit to wear. I love that sweaters are very much in fashion right now too. I'd say wear this look whenever you're planning to have a mellow day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th, 2011.

Okay I promise I will start posting outfits/fashion. But there will be days with none of that.
Today is one of those days.
I went to the market and took some pictures. I also took Poppy along, 1 of the 7 dogs I have.
Don't worry. We're not keeping all of them.
But she really did charm all of the strangers, which exhausted her.
We didn't have water in the car so she settled for sparkling lime water. The weirdo.

Hello, there.

Hello, I'm Brian Abud. I am 16 years old from Michigan. I love clothes and do the best I can with looking cute. My favorite stores are American Eagle, H&M, Forever 21, GAP, Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters. I love filling my closet with new clothes as often as I can. My absolute favorite thing is Harry Potter, my favorite artist is Lady Gaga and I love filmmaking and photography. I hope you all enjoy this blog, where pictures of fashion, food and everyday life will be posted. 

I believe introductions are in order..

Wotcher, I'm Kylie Johnston! I decided today that I wanted a blog.
A blog that I could share inspiration on and clothes. LOTS OF CLOTHES.
And what better way to do it than with my best friend? 
So there are a few essential things you need to know about me.
#1 - I love Harry Potter. Words actually cannot describe my love for it.
#2 - I am a photographer and would love to make money doing it someday.
That wraps up the essential things you needed to know.