Monday, August 22, 2011

Comfortably Casual

This polyvore is just one example of a casual outfit for school or grabbing coffee with friends. It's really quite simple, with a bit of a rough feel because of the brown colors. 
One can never go wrong with a nice sweater. It always makes you look presentable and nice, while not being overly fancy for most occasions. Most sweaters need a plain crew or vneck shirt beneath them. I prefer AE because they are excellent quality and really comfortable. A leather belt is a must for anyone to have. It works with most pants, especially jeans, and adds a  finishing touch to an outfit. The shoes are classic and can be worn with almost any pair of jeans or dress pants. The messenger bag is an addition for people who carry a lot of things around with them. It's stylish and makes organizing papers and electronics really easy.

This is just one outfit created for a casual encounter; these ideas can be taken and applied with many types of tops and bottoms in order to create a perfect outfit.

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