Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21st, 2011. (Post 3)

This is my room! I know, it's pretty plain. Over the summer, I was under the impression I would be moving pretty soon, so I've been going through every single thing in my room and organizing it, pitching a lot of pointless things in the process. But now, I'm not moving. Which I am really excited about, because I like my house and Kylie lives a block away from me.
Anyway, my mom told me that I could redo my room a bit. I love designing rooms and picking out new furniture and accents. I want my room to represent me, and the creativity I have. I don't like it this plain. I'll probably get it all from IKEA, because I love their modern and clean style.
I was thinking a new bed, something pretty with a headboard or a plain, wooden frame. I would love curtains; I hate blinds and always have. I love my bookcase, but it is getting really full. I'm going to add a shelf to one of my walls, haven't decided which yet, that will hold extra books and items I like people to see. I was also going to scout for a rug.
I don't know if it'll end up happening, but I hope it does!

Goodnight, everyone. 

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