Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with Brian!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday. 
Here's some pictures from Christmas with my family. 

The elf is what we put on top of our tree, one of our family traditions. 
The Christmas lights are from my room. 

This is my tree! We had to get an artificial one this year because of my little brother's allergies. 


Christmas morning, my entire family goes to my grandma's house for breakfast, instead of the traditional Christmas dinner. She makes homemade Belgian waffles. They're so good, it's impossible to feel guilty after eating one or two..or six. 

Some of the other food..
Meme (we call my grandma that) makes amazing raisin bread as well. 

This is Charlie on Christmas morning. She has the prettiest eyes!


This is a picture from the Page to Screen book about the creation of the Harry Potter films. It's an amazing coffee table book but it's so unbelievably heavy. It's wonderful though, definitely worth the money. 

I'll post more pictures of gifts soon. I hope you all had a great holiday!

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